Bioinformatics & data analysis

  • Bioinformatics, system biology and data analysis

    Our bioinformatics research group designs, develops and assesses computational tools for the exploration of genomic and proteomic data.


Test, design & reliability

  • System design, test and reliability

    Digital system testing, design, reliability and verification are the main research topics of TestGroup. Research in this group aims at designing easily testable, reliable, and affordable integrated systems. Issues related to the off-line and online testing of complex integrated systems are considered. 


Assistive technologies

  • Assistive technologies

    Is an emerging and active subgroup composed of young researchers involved in development of tools for enhancing accessibility of people with disabilities.


Welcome to the TestGroup

A research group of Politecnico di Torino.

The TestGroup is one of the leading European research and development teams in the field of System Design, Testing and Reliability. It recently grew up including several subgroups of researchers fully committed to a wide range of different research topics.
Visit our website to find out more about our main research activities.


  • All TestGroup publications are available through PORTO the Open Repository of publications produced by the scientific community of Politecnico di Torino.


University and Industrial Cooperations

  • TestGroup activelly collaborates with both international accademic and industrial partners. Here a list of institutions that collaborate, or collaborated with us.


Funded projects

  • The TestGroup is involved in several national and transnational collaborative research projects co-funded by the European Commission or by national research fundings.


Tools and downloads

  • As computer scientists we are highly committed to Open Source. Most of our developed code is release undel Open Souce licences and is available on this website for free download.