Special session on Cross-layer Reliability Assessment @ DCIS 2016

The FP7-CLERECO project will present on Thursday (Nov. 24th, 2016) its latest results and tools in a special session on “Cross-layer Reliability Assessment” at the XXXI Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference – DCIS’16 (Granada, Spain). If you plan to attend DCIS don’t miss the session. 

Reliability of electronic systems is a key challenge for the whole information and communication technology and must be guaranteed without penalizing or slowing down the characteristics of the final products. The session organized by Ramón Canal and myself includes four exciting presentations that cover different problems related to the reliability assessment of complex systems:

  • Toward System Optimization for Reliability: An Extremal Way into a new Era – Alessandro Savino (Politecnico di Torino)
  • Soft Error Rate Estimation for Combinational Circuits – Martí Anglada (UPC)
  • SCHIFI: SCalable and flexible High performance FPGA-based Fault Injector – Alberto Bosio (LIRMM)
  • Microarchitecture-Level Reliability Assessment – Athanasios Chatzidimitriou, (University of Athens)


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