European Network for Initial and Continuing Education in VLSI/SoC Testing Using Remote Ate Facilities.

  • Duration: 2000-2003
  • Coordinator: Centre national de la recherche Scientifique : Délégation Languedoc – Roussillon
  • Partners: Centre national de la recherche Scientifique : Délégation Languedoc – Roussillon, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Politecnico di Torino, University of Stuttgart, Jozef Steffan Institute, Agilent Technologies, Université Montpellier II : Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc
  • Funded by: European Commission through the FP6 IST Programme under Contract IST-2000-30163
  • www:

The microelectronic industry suffers an important shortage in engineers having sufficient skill in test development. Moreover, initial formation in that field is too little developed (at the time, restricted to French students with 150 trainees per year). So, there is a strong demand from industry in engineers having knowledge ranging from the simple awareness of test problems to the full skill and competence in IC testing. It is the objective of the EuNICE-Test project to respond to this demand by implementing a European network for test education.

It is planned to take advantage of the clear success of the French experience in this domain to extend it at the European level (France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Slovenia). In this project, the industrial partner provides up-to-date Automatic Test Equipment and specific test training on clearly identified hot test topics : mixed-signal testing and memory testing.

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