Paper on cross-layer multi-objective design space exploration accepted @ IEEE Transactions on Computer

We received today an very good news. After more than 1 year from its end, the FP7 Clereco project ( still produces results in the field of cross-layer reliability analysis.

This paper that has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of IEEE Transactions on Computers proposes a cross-layer multi-objective design space exploration algorithm developed to help designers when building soft error resilient electronic systems.

The algorithm exploits a system-level Bayesian reliability estimation model to analyze the effect of different cross-layer combinations of protection mechanisms on the reliability of the full system. A new heuristic based on the extremal optimization theory is used to efficiently explore the design space. Two exploration strategies are proposed. The first strategy aims at optimizing the reliability of the system alone. The second strategy jointly considers the effect that the introduced fault-tolerance mechanisms have on the execution time, power, hardware area and software size. This strategy supports the exploration of the design space setting multiple objectives on different design dimensions.


Stefano Di CARLO





Paper Info:

Alessandro Savino, Alessandro Vallero and Stefano Di Carlo  “ReDO: Cross-Layer Multi-Objective Design-Exploration Framework for Efficient Soft Error Resilient Systems” IEEE Transactions on Computers.

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